Please Note - In accordance with local government regulations, Guangzhou International Christian Fellowship is open to foreign passport holders and foreign residence permit holders from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


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    Below is a list of fellowships around China. This is not a complete list, and if you notice any mistakes or incorrect information, please contact us.


    GUANGZHOU - Union Church Grace Fellowship (Click to download flyer for location and directions)*


    Location: The Fountains Community Center (小康源泉活动中心) in Pingsha, Baiyun District (check for directions)

    Time: Sunday 10:45am

    *currently meeting together with Union Church Hope Fellowship (see below)


    GUANGZHOU - Union Church Hope Fellowship

    Location: 4th Floor (the whole floor), Pacific Insurance Building, 559 Tianhe Beilu

    Time: Sundays, 3:00-4:30 pm



    BEIJING Beijing International Christian Fellowship


    Language: English

    Time: 11:00 AM (every Sunday)

    Location: 21st Century Theater, Main Auditorium

    (Sunday school available)




    Language: 中文

    Time: 09:00 AM (every Sunday)

    Location: 21st Century Theater, Main Auditorium

    (Sunday school available)




    Language: English

    Time: 11:00AM (every Sunday)

    Location: Xijiao Hotel Conference Center, Gingko Hall, 3rd Floor (Sunday school available)



    CHENGDU - Chengdu International Christian Fellowship

    Location: 上翔堂 - 大有巷8号

    Pinyin: Shang4 Xiang2 Tang2 Church - da4 you2 xiang4 8 hao

    Notes: Intersection of 大有巷(da4 you2 xiang4)and 顺城大街 (Shun4 Cheng2 Da4 Jie1). Please enter the church facility from the South entrance (next to adjacent kindergarten). Go to their 南门 (Nan2 Men2 (South Gate) Entrance; You will see signs leading you to the CICF meeting space

    Time: TWO SUNDAY SERVICES – 8:45 AM and 10:30 AM



    DALIAN - Dalian International Christian Fellowship

    Location: Service Address: 7th Floor Swissotel, No.21 Wuhui Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian 

    TEl: (0411)8230 - 7402 



    HANGZHOU - Hangzhou International Church

    Location: Hangzhou International Church, 132 JieFang Lu

    Time: 10.30am service

    Contact John Dikki at (0571)8602 1894 or 130 9327 57444 


    HUANGDAO, SHANDONG - City Light Fellowship

    Location: 分堂地址:武夷山路和黄浦江路交叉口,爱尊客酒店院内.

    English: Aizunke Hotel,  Wuyi Shan and Huangpu Jiang Road intersection, Huangdao District

    Pinyin: Huangdao qu Wuyishan lu, Huangpu jiang jiao cha kou, Ai Zun Ke Jiudian

    Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

    Contact: Patrick Sam -, 15954087083; Innocent Chirwa -, 13780626242


    JINAN - Jinan International Christian Fellowship

    Contact: Robbi Greenwood -


    KUNMING - Kunming International Christian Fellowship

    Location: Hainan Air Hotel (formerly the Marriot) on the corner of Huan Cheng Lu and Xi Ba Lu

    Time: 10:30am


    NANJING - Nanjing International Fellowship

    Location: PICC Insurance Hotel, 5th floor, no.69 Changjiang Rd.

    Time: 9.30am - 11.30am


    QINGDAO - Qingdao International Christian Fellowship

    Location: 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店, 青岛香港中路76

    Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xiang Gang Zhong Rd , Qingdao, 266071

    Time: Between 10 and 11.45am

    Contact for more details


    SHENZHEN - Shekou Fellowship

    Location: Sunday Jingshan Villa, Shekou InternationalSchool gymnasium Nanhai Avenue (near the ferry terminal) Shekou, Shenzhen

    Time: 10:00am

    Contact:  Ryan Morgan (  


    SHANGHAI - Abundant Grace International Fellowship


    SHANGHAI - Shanghai Community Fellowship

    Location: HENGSHAN CHURCH  53 Hengshan Road, Xuhui District (cross intersection Wulumuqi Rd) 衡山路 53 (近乌鲁木齐路) 徐汇区

    HONGQIAO MARRIOTT HOTEL 2270 Hongqiao Road, Changning District  虹桥路 2270号 长宁区

    Location: Hong En Church, 455 Hong Feng Rd. JinQiao, Pudong, Shanghai

    Time: Saturday 6:45pm (Chapel, GE), Sunday 12:00pm (Chapel, Trinity) Sunday 3:00pm (Main Sanctuary)


    SUZHOU - Suzhou International Fellowship


    TIANJIN - Tianjin International Fellowship

    Location: College of Tourism & Service Mgmt (Nankai University) #38 Zijinshan Lu, Hexi District

    Time: 9:30-10:30 am, 10:15-12:30am every Sunday 


    WUHAN Wuhan International Christian Fellowship


    XIAMEN - Xiamen International Christian Fellowship 

    Gospel Church, 139 Siming East Road, Zhongshan Road Shangquan, Siming, Xiamen

    Time: 10-12 noon